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About us

Color + Texture + Form + Technology

In school I was the kid who actually liked Penmanship class, spent hours coloring (still do!), learned to hand embroider mainly because I liked choosing new thread colors at the 5 & 10. Looking back I think teaching me to embroider was my mother's way to keep me busy during long, hot summer days. Still, I enjoyed learning to create something that was all mine with a needle and a bit of thread.

Then, many years later, I discovered the world of computerized machine embroidery and FitzStitch Embroidery & Monogramming was born. FitzStitch is located in vibrant & beautiful Ann Arbor, MI, about 35 miles west of Detroit. In addition to providing  services for customers in the Metro area FitzStitch can come to you by shipping personalized products anywhere in the US.  I will do my best to offer a variety of goods for you to choose from- if there is something in particular you'd like for your own home or to give as a gift, please contact me and we'll see what we can do together!