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A Brief Intro to Monogramming

Monogram Tips Tips

A Brief Intro to Monogramming

MONOGRAMS RULE         Monograms are back- for some of us they never left… If you are trying to set up your monogram don’t worry about following old-school rules, monograms are traditional, but they are also about self-expression. I’ve seen monograms designed around tattoos, you really can be as personal or whimsical as you want. But, to start, here are some guidelines based on old-school “rules”: Woman:  First name initial-Surname initial-Middle/Maiden name initial        MAT  Mia Theresa Anderson  Man: First name initial-Middle name initial-Surname  initial        HTS    Henry Thomas Smith Couple, same last name: Ladies First!  Wife’s first name initial-Surname initial-Husband’s...

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