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A Brief Intro to Monogramming

Monogram Tips Tips


        Monograms are back- for some of us they never left…

If you are trying to set up your monogram don’t worry about following old-school rules, monograms are traditional, but they are also about self-expression.

I’ve seen monograms designed around tattoos, you really can be as personal or whimsical as you want.

But, to start, here are some guidelines based on old-school “rules”:

Woman:  First name initial-Surname initial-Middle/Maiden name initial

       MAT  Mia Theresa Anderson

 Man: First name initial-Middle name initial-Surname  initial

       HTS    Henry Thomas Smith

Couple, same last name: Ladies First!  Wife’s first name initial-Surname initial-Husband’s first name initial

       MSH   Mia and Henry Smith

Couple, different or combined last names: Wife’s first name initial-Wife‘s surname initial- Husband’s surname initial-Husband’s first name initial 

       MTSH          Margaret Turner & Henry Smith or Margaret & Henry Turner Smith 



As you can see, monogramming needs to adapt to the times.  Be creative and design your monogram to your own taste.

There’s more fun to come in choosing your font.

       More on that to follow…


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